Hello from the bottom of the Earth!

I’m getting a feel for my internet time, and as expected at the bottom of the earth, it is limited. Mostly because I have to come to grasps today that I am here for work, not for romping around, as we have been aggressively doing the past couple of days.  On my free time, I will be needed to complete my Bachelor’s Essay, my last big bang before I finish school. Thank you very much for attempting to follow my blog 😉 I will still post now and again, but these blogs will be more reliable to follow.

Other Blogs To Follow Include:



The first is a nation geographic site blog which research scientist from stanford on the ship will be posting on.

The second is a group collaboration of  a blog which I will start focusing my own attention on. The starter of this blog needs help keeping it up, since everyone is busy. We will all be taking turns posting, which will result in a much more active blog. I’d like to put my efforts into contributing with the team, instead of outsourcing all my efforts to this guy which is more personal.

McMurdo is nothing like I expected to say the absolute least. With Senior scientist telling us we are going to want to get out right when we come in, we were all expecting nothing to do along with blustering weather misery.  However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. McMurdo is its own community truely, with everyone working together to make the town run. Galley food and certain hours, we all get to meet the folk who have been here since November for the whole summer season doing IT, housekeeping, airtraffic, cooking, store keeping, and every other normal job to be expected. My absolute favorite part is there recycling system. 60% of all trash of every sort is able to be recycled, and you are looked at as a jerk if you put a piece of plastic-covered paper in the incorrect recycling bin – of which there are like 14 different kinds. It is an awesome effort of which is the best in the world. Mostly due to the Antarctic treaty which drives the over 100 countries that share the land to conserve it’s natural state to the best of their ability. I love that you are looked at as a jerk if you don’t recycle. People base their judgements of people here differently, and awesomely.

As I close, here are some pictures of hiking up Observation Hill, where the crew Antarctic explorer, Scott, climbed every day to look out for Scott on his return back from trying to find the south pole.

The town below is McMurdo.

You can click on the photos to make them larger if you need to see beautiful McMurdo.

Antarctica4 Over McMurdo2



I have been having the most amazing time and everyday I can’t stop saying outloud “We’re in Antarctica!”

I am blessed and lucky and loved and safe and couldn’t ask for anything else!

I love everyone for reading this xoxoxo

Don’t forget about the collaborative ship blog that I will start working on!!!! http://tracers-nbp1302.blogspot.com/



5 responses »

  1. Anita Stevens says:

    The second photo is my fave….you are so beautiful, Rae!!! What an amazing girl you are to embark on such an adventure. We will be sure to read the blogs you posted! Love you, girl!! xxoo

  2. stevensbev says:

    Keep the photos and blogs coming. You are doing an excellent job. Can’t tell you how proud we are of you. I soooo want to be there. Take care and enjoy. Love Always, Pa and Gram

  3. Kyle says:

    the craziest thing just happened. i went on your ships blog to see it for the first time and see if maybe you had posted on there. the ships blog was updated today and so did you! be safe down there! i love you

  4. Anita Stevens says:

    Of course I meant the THIRD is my fave photo. The one of you by yourself, Rae!!! And I love the “ninja” photo on the ship’s blog! Ha-ha!! xxoo

  5. Dad says:

    I love it!!!

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